Saturday, August 20, 2005


Did you know that not only Lauren Hill but Jennifer Love Hewitt was in Sister Act 2? Amazing.

Yesterday we had delicious food at the vegetarian dinner party and then headed into Seoul. We took a bus to Hannam and jumped in a cab to get to Hongdae. "Hongdae?" we asked in our usual tentative Korean voice. The cab driver said what we thought was "Hongik University??" and we agreed.

Twenty minutes later we were still driving and I know that to get there by subway is only a few stops. Something was amiss. We eventually arrived and Konkuk (or something like that) University. No, no, no! Hongik! Hongdae!

The cabbie slapped his forehead and apologized. He felt so bad and he resent the meter.

This language barrier really sucks. We don't know if we're being screwed, we cause a hassle for others. It's a sad shame. Why can't cabbie's understand our pronunciation of Hongdae?? Why oh why!?!?

We ended up at some club called S Club and it wasn't so great. And a slim girl in skin tight white pants was pawing at my purse on more than one occassion. What did she think she could do? Like her frail arms could even open the zipper. Ha!

Oh, on the way over to the dinner party I saw an entire rainbow arch. It went all the way across the sky and was absolutely beautiful. The sky and the weather in the last few days have made me love Korea.

This picture doesn't capture the half of it.


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