Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Kids gone wild!

Bahh, what a rough day! The cry count was up to three today, I think an all-time high in Happy Class.

Cry #1: First period.
Crier - Yoon, four years old.
Reason - I gave him an "X" because he broke one of the class rules*.
My reaction - Good. Let him cry. It's best he takes them x's seriously. He cried for about three minutes.

Cry #2: Fourth period.
Crier - Wendy, four years old.
Reason - no idea. Lots of Korean was going on and kids were getting rowdy so I put a stop to that with some serious x threats. She couldn't take the heat and burst into sobs though I think Brian had something to do with the tears.
My reaction: When she cries she wails so she was escorted outside where she remained for most of the period, conforted by the friendly Korean staff.

Cry #3: Seventh period.
Crier - Sally, eight years old.
Reason - she found a little pink paper on the floor and was playing with it. I reprimanded it and said I would give it back to her at the end of class. She doesn't speak English so she didn't realize she would get it later. She tried to steal it back. I was annoyed. I forget if I gave her an x or not, but she cried anyway.
My reaction - Tough luck, little lady. Your cute face and tears aren't getting you anywhere in my classroom. Damn the man! She got the paper at the end of class and left in a huff. Whatever, I ain't scared a' no eight year old sissy.

I wanted to cry until my lovely E2 students (4:40 - 6:50) who are tame, tear-free despite a bleeding lip caused by a head to table connection, and English-competant. Oh, and the coffee helped too.

*The class rules are Speak English (ha!), Sit in Your Chair (ha ha!), and Listen to the Teacher (HaX5). You get a sticker at the end of the day UNLESS you get three x's next to your name.


At August 09, 2005 11:44 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good work Jess,
You managed to keep those kids in line, and keep us entertained online. :)

At August 10, 2005 7:02 AM , Blogger Jessica said...

Entertained maybe, but in line? HA!


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