Sunday, August 28, 2005

Warning: Might offend mothers

On Friday night I went to "club night" in Hongdae for 15,000 won of enter/re-enter eligibility. Here's a funny story for y'all.

Sara and I were standing at a street kiosk (selling stuffed pigs, of all things - who would want to carry that around to the clubs?) waiting for Scott to return from the bathroom. We saw a curly haired, chin-strapped foreigner pass by us, hardly camoflaging his obvious investigation of our rear ends. About five feet away from us he stopped in his tracks and lingered for a second, evidently thinking his hardest. Decision made, he backtracked only to ask for directions to some club he was obviously already headed towards. We were going that way so he walked along with us. Scott had rejoined the party.

He asked my name and job, I did the same out of politeness. A few minutes passed and he asked "Is that your boyfriend?" referring to Scott (my coworker) who was a few paces ahead. Scott turned around and said...

"No, we're just fucking."

I burst out laughing. Scott burst out laughing. The poor curly haired guy had a most confused expression on his face.

It was priceless. A great line to use if you ever get the opportunity.


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