Thursday, August 25, 2005

A crick in my neck

Yada yada yada. Another day has passed by. Anything of interest happen? Hmm.. well, I tried to make "goop" with the kids. The recipe called for five cups of cornstarch and two cups of water. I talked about water, cup, bowl, etc, and had each kid help add something. Then it didn't work at all. The cornstarch settled at the bottom, the water on the top. It's currently congealing in a bucket in my classroom. Cleaning it won't be pretty.

Our school lunches have been pretty creative lately. Director Sang Kyu said he's charging the parents more to add one side dish to lunch so I guess we're benefiting. Today was rice, kimchi, potatoes, and some sloppy stew type substance left over from Tuesday. Not too shabby. Atkins dieters would never survive here.

My kids are showing marked improvement since I arrived in July. My kindies, anyway. Ones who never spoke a word of English nor did they comprehend that I can't speak Korean now can say a few things. Ones that were constantly sullen-faced are smiling and happy. And they like to walk all over me.

I sometimes feel overwhelming affection for the little snot-nosed buggers though. They're so huggable and sweet faced. I love even the rotten ones. Even Elliot. He's got a pathetic little beauty mark right on his nose and he cried in gym class today. He also wears a diaper, I discovered this week. But I love him. I don't love Wendy these days. She can be a bummer, and she has two fake teeth because her real ones are all rotten. I value dental hygiene.

My plans for the weekend are Mexican food and club night in Hongdae. Maybe Monkey Beach or some such place on Saturday night, and hopefully a rip roaring game of ultimate on Sunday. My neck still hurts from last week's game, I think.

The cost of a flight to Shanghai for the long weekend in mid-September is over five hundred Canadian bucks, including Chinese visa so I don't think I'll be doing that. I might just have to add China to my post-Korea itinerary to make the flight cost worth my while.

That's it for today.


At August 26, 2005 10:32 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Overwhelming affection... I think I know what you mean. Even grown-up people you don't like sometimes show sides which somehow makes you realise they are not too bad people after all. Sometimes.

At August 27, 2005 10:51 PM , Blogger Jessica said...

Even people you don't like have something redeeming about them. You'd hope.

Hello anonymous.


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