Monday, August 22, 2005

Bad news from home

Wendy told me the bad news this morning; the father of our friend from highschool passed away on Sunday night.

He was diagnosed in December or January with cancer of the asophagus, just after returning home from his daughter's out-of-town wedding. A few months before that he had celebrated another daughter's wedding as well. Then he got cancer.

I don't know whether his death was expected by the family but expected or not, it is still unbelievable. This is a real "family" family. They spend time together and enjoy each other's company, even. It's tragic that it had to happen to them.

I don't think you read this blog, but if you do, there's nothing I can say that will express how I feel or how you must be feeling. I'm thinking of you.

(Mom, good luck.)


At August 22, 2005 12:01 p.m. , Blogger Margie said...

Sorry to hear of your bad news Jessica... must be especially difficult being so far away.
Take good care :)

At August 22, 2005 12:40 p.m. , Blogger braindead said...

sorry to hear tht..

nice blog btw!

At August 22, 2005 6:39 p.m. , Blogger Jessica said...

Thanks guys! Nice eyes, braindead. :)


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