Tuesday, August 30, 2005


D'Arcy and I successfully completed Mission: Go Swimming tonight. Alright! It was a piece of cake, really. All we did was pay the man at the desk, receive a wristband key for a locker, which was lovely, and we walked right in. We padded our way from the spotless changeroom through the shower (with naked women everywhere and background music of the operatic variety playing loudly - it was quite a scene) and into the pool.

The pool facility itself is large - two seperate 25 meter pools side by side. One had a rip roaring aqua fit class going on, lead by a very animated girl wearing nylons under her butt-crease length shorts. She and all the middle aged women in pink swim caps were having a grand ol' time. We were fascinated and distracted from our own swimming.

Darce and I jumped in a semi-fast moving lane... it was either that or slow. The pool was busy but not too bad and we aren't exactly speed demons after a few months of 'holiday'. We did our thing and then tried to join the aqua fit class only to be shunned away. I supppose there is an additional fee for the class. Or there's a no foreigner policy.... ;)

We rinsed off and took note of the sauna and some kind of pool inside the change room. Not too shabby. Then we awkwardly struggled into our clothes, trying our best not to reveal any part of our bodies to each other or the ladies around us. I'm sure they laughed. We even did. Screw modesty.

There was a scale there too. I thought I'd lost more weight but turns out I've only lost about five pounds since I got here. Dang! So much for the theory that a new environment would cause unwanted pounds to just melt away.

New teacher arrived today at our school. I made a brat cry, again. All's well in Jessicaland.


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