Monday, June 18, 2007

Interview time!

I will be leaving for my first 'real-job' interview in about half an hour. I feel jittery in the excited first-date kind of way, as opposed to the scared about-to-have-your-wisdom-teeth-out kind of way. That's good news, I think.

I've had only a few interviews in my time. My first was when I was applying to work as a lifeguard and swim instructor at Thornlea pool. I was sixteen, it was my first job, and I was ridiculous. I remember acting pathetically lame-o. But I knew my stuff, they needed people, and I got the job.

After that I had a few camp counselor interviews which I can't remember but I got those jobs. I had two interviews to work at some second-rate sporting goods store at the Promenade Mall. The first one went great. The second one not so great. I failed to get that mall job. Ouch.

Then I had a couple of interviews to work in insurance offices. I remember this one friendly State Farm agent asking me a question of when I had had experience selling something. I thought back on my swim instructor and camp counselor (and tour guide experience) and told him I had none. He kind of smiled at me and told me to think more carefully. I had been selling the campus I was giving tours to. What a good guy he was, teaching me about the art of embellishment during an interview.

Too bad I'm a pretty shitty embellisher. But I'll try!

I haven't had an interview since then, and that was years ago. Korea didn't require one, graduate school didn't require one, and all of the jobs I had while at school didn't require one.

The lesson I learned, though, from the interviews I've had in the past and the jobs I've got and haven't got (damn that sports store!) is that if I have the right exerience then I can get the job. I think I have the right experience here so let's see how she goes.


At June 18, 2007 5:34 p.m. , Blogger Not Jeremy said...

So, how did it go?


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