Thursday, May 31, 2007

Held up

I can't walk. I can hop, but I can't walk. This is certainly worse than it was in January.

Today I'm skipping class, skipping a party, but not skipping. I'm instead getting reacquainted with TLC. They've got some fantastic shows on these days. Like "Ten Years Younger" where they put run-down looking women in a sound proof glass display case in the middle of a busy sidewalk and have passersby guess their age. Then they give them a make-over, usually involving chemical skin peels, dental work, hair, clothes, and make-up adjustments, and put them back in the case. People guess their age once more and, believe it or not, the average is much younger. Amazing.

There's also "Bringing Home Baby" where you get to watch a couple with their new baby, trying to figure out things like breast feeding, dealing with involved family, etc. etc. etc. It looks easy. Babies sleep and eat and that's about it. Piece o' cake.

I'm a better person for having sprained my ankle. I'd really like to shower but the trip upstairs to get my stuff and back down hardly seems worth it.

Maybe momma and poppa will come and bring dinner. That would be fabulous.


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