Thursday, May 24, 2007

Balance and hope

Working against me...

- I don't technically have the 1.5 years of teaching experience that is highly preferable
- I don't have experience teaching English to a Japanese population
- I don't have experience teaching to adults
- I have a North American accent and the goal of PB is to expose students to a variety of accents/nationalities
- I am an international applicant which is less preferable than those already in Japan

Working in my favour...

- I have close to enough experience
- I think I wrote a good letter and good lessons plans for my application
- I took a TESL course
- Americans are not allowed on this particular voyage because we're stopping in Cuba
- I have a great smile
- I've been crossing my fingers for days and pretty soon I might even start believe in a higher power

Speaking of believing, two questions posed in my Spirituality class today were:

1) What was your happiest time?

2) What one thing is most important about you.

Please consider.


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