Monday, February 26, 2007

Ups and downs

I'm slowly feeling less like I want to stab someone in the eyes as I lie in my downy duvet and de-fume after a trip to the laundromat. I detest the laundromat. Particularly when there are loud talkers and too few machines and BAHHH.

I slept badly. Then I arrived at school and felt a real sense of loss. Over what, you might ask? Over reading week freedom, I'm sorry to report. Being back to school blows.

I worked out hard at the gym which made me feel good, particularly because of the huge bag of Smartfood D'Arcy and I devoured yesterday as well as all the other shit I've been inhaling lately. Lots of it. I need to balance the input with output. I think I need to increase my meal sizes so I feel less like snacking all day long. We'll see how that works.

Today walking home from school in the thick snow which has been coming down all day, though, I felt wonderful. You know that quiet feeling in the air of a wintery dusk? Every now and then I feel the need to remove the headphones and listen to the sounds of my walk home, which are usually quiet, peaceful, and much appreciated. Though I often find myself ruining the quiet with my own rendition of cheesy '80s love songs. What can I do?

I went to a talk today by the director general of Human Resources etc. etc. Canada. They are doing a recruitment program, hiring researchers and policy analysts to work in Hull, Quebec. It's a job. But the thought of a job in Hull, Quebec researching about, say, electricity and its policy and hoping that the minister might attempt to make some change based on my research makes me shudder with dread. Maybe I'll apply. The salary is good. It will ruin my spirit. I can't do it.

So now I have laundry to fold and homework to do and sleep to catch up on.


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