Thursday, February 08, 2007

These days

Things are going so well I've had no time to blog. Actually, our router is broken so my internet time is preciously spent doing more vital things. Like facebooking.

Why are things going so well, you ask?

Well, I like my courses, for one. Or, more accurately, I like one course a lot. It's my research methods class that I'm doing the study on plastic surgery. I love the atmosphere and the readings and the professor. I love how it feels like a collective group of learners instead of a group of people trying to impress each other with their previous knowledge. It's great.

My other two classes are okay.

Overall I feel like I have much more control of my time and my life this semester. I'm not in the computer lab every single day working on stats which adds a little something.

Last week I got a rockin' haircut and then twisted my ankle. Today a bus driver saw me running to catch the bus but slowly pulled away, looking me right in the eye.

I have tests to grade galore and I will get to them ASAP.

It's damn cold out and in.

Last night I went out with my old friend and didn't realize how much alcohol those martini's packed. Ouch.

Tomorrow I have a second date with a cute boy.

Saturday night I'm having a birthday party. For my birthday is on Monday. Don't forget! I have no plans. Actually, I plan to receive birthday wish calls all night long. ;)

So that's the scoop. When we replace our router I'll be sure to get back in the swing of things.


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