Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Heavy eye lids but no sleep a' comin'

Can't sleep at 1 am. Why not? Because I slept from about 7:30 until about 1o this evening. Why? Two reasons.

The first is that I got a call from the doctor this morning: I do indeed have strep throat. Isn't that lovely. I could have had antibiotics on Friday had they run their easy-to-run throat swab the same day I went to see them. Instead I got to spend the weekend in pain and fever, thinking it would just clear up on it's own.

Upon receiving the call this morning, interestingly, I felt decidedly worse. My kidneys hurt. I was tired early. I had a headache that wouldn't quit.

The second reason for the nap is my new goal to reduce internet time. Instead I was reading in bed. Hence the falling asleep. Obviously that would happen.

Guess what? I'm broke. Where's my January cheque?

Today I had a talk with my advisor. What are my plans, she wanted to know. I'm going to work for a while and see where that takes me. In what field? Research, I suppose. I'm counting on a job at Statistics Canada that I applied for in December and still haven't heard back from. I think I'm an ideal candidate. She wants to know what skills I have that make me a good researcher. Good question. I hate researching. Why would I want to go into research? I told her I am a good writer and a hard worker when I'm interested. She told me not to say that in a job interview. Thanks for the tip. She has connections in the field so hopefully she can hook me up. Too bad I don't do a good job for her in my research work. She apologized for this week's grunt work. I told her I like grunt work. I'm a born grunt worker.

I shared with her the magical secret of ratemyprofessors.com and she was excited. Lucky she likes my personality or I'd be canned, I think.

My first class, Urban Sociology, was a ball. The professor is an older man with messed up hair because he rests his laced palms heavily upon his head. He talked for the whole two hours plus five extra minutes despite it being the first class. His final paper requirement is my longest yet: 25-30 pages. Shall I start early?

There are three students in the class from Geography and they know everything already. All the sociologists know nothing. Ha. But the one geography guy's voice shook when he made an unimportant comment.

The atmosphere was relaxed and I was able to speak freely. I tried to define the word hobo and was all wrong. Do you know what the definition of hobo is? No cheating allowed.

Tomorrow I have my Qualitative Research Methods class and i just received word that my professor is an ex-comedian. What could be finer than that???

Any good music recommendations out there?


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