Thursday, January 04, 2007


Semester one is officially complete! And just in time for the weekend!

Also, just in time for this damn sore throat and a likely fever to make me feel like sleeping all day and all night. Boo.

I had to submit my paper to this online service called Turnitin which notifies the professor of plaigarism. Yikes. The prof I TA'd for showed me what it looks like from his perspective. Each student has a percentage listed next to their name of the amount of un-cited material. I wonder what percentage I got. This is slightly unnerving.

In potentially my last shopping hurrah before second semester begins, I bought two overpriced pairs of jeans this afternoon. One even has skinny legs. What is going on with me? Don't worry - I didn't get Uggs. The weather was so beautiful, I even took off my coat and strolled in the sunshine.

The other day my old friend Robin from Montreal paid me a visit and we took a long walk in the city, from my place all the way to this newly-coolifying neighbourhood called Lesleyville. I think the walk took us two hours with some short stops along the way. Not too bad.

Traffic at the gym has increased significantly; a phenomenon that regularly occurs after New Years. I say by February first it will be back to normal.

Now I'm at school waiting for my pal Jessica to finish off her work so we can head out for dinner. My supervisor just came in and called me useless. Fantabulous!


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