Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

While I could blog about my fantastic trip to San Francisco and Los Angeles, I won't. I'm tired and can't be bothered. It was fantastic though. A huge contrast between the two places, and while it was really nice seeing my aunt and doing some other things in LA, I recommend San Fran far more for the young walker-arounder. Far far more.

Happy New Year! My Italian/Beatles song lyric dinner party was a smash success with dishes like "Here comes the sun" Italian salad, "Penne" lane, Octopus' Garden Pesto and also lasagne, Cheese Please Me and "Love me do, cheese fondu". I'm salivating just thinking about it. And ill, thinking about how much cheese fondu I ate. Mmm... cheese fondu.

I can remember quite a few of my past many New Years celebrations, which surprises me.

2006: On the beach in Phuket watching fireworks and lanterns float into the sky with Darce and Sara and Barb
2005: In Montreal, dancing with underage marines with Wendy and Robin
2004: Filling the tank at a gas station with then boyfriend Michael
2003: In Ottawa on the hill where nothing happened with then boyfriend Matt
2002: At friend's house in Thornhill with then boyfriend Matt and other pals, eating candy and drinking something like Mike's Hard Lemonade, likely
2001: This is where the memories end

After the dinner party we went out to an Irish bar where drinks found themselves into my lap twice and 21 year old boys bought us drinks (their first ever bought for girls, I might add) and couldn't get over the age difference. I think even the term 'cougar' came up. Man.


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