Monday, February 19, 2007

I'm on holiday!

Hello Folks,

You can blame facebook for stealing away my blogging time.

So I'm on holiday! It's reading week and despite my full intentions of spending my days reading I've been sitting here on my black Ikea chair, feet up on my black Ikea foot stool, amending my facebook profile and developing a crick in my neck - clearly not the kind of reading I'd intended. Lame, lame, lame. Oh, I've also been listening to a gardening show on CBC radio 1. I think it's now a book review show. Better since I have zero interest in gardening.

I have to go to the gym to make up for the excessive amounts of cheese fondue and chocolate cake I ate yesterday. I've lost control!

I was reading an old journal from a few years ago - before the blogging days when I used pen and notebook. I was about 22 and was struggling with questions of identity and things. Two things I wrote struck me. First, I said that I felt like my adult self was a stranger. I didn't feel like the person I was then would remain. This is no longer at all true. I feel like I am myself and will forever be this self, and I think I've indeed changed since I wrote those words. Second, I said that I was jealous of a friend of mine who said, "I love my life." I didn't love mine. Now I do. I feel like this time ranks as tops in the life of me. Loving life feels pretty damn good.

Hopefully that continues into next year when I leave school and start work of some kind or another.

What job should I get, I wonder....


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