Sunday, June 03, 2007

Almost Monday

My internet was broken all weekend! It was near panic-inducing but I also liked it. Remember the big blackout of '04 or whatever it was when people actually sat outside and talked with their neighbours? It was the first and last time I had any kind of real conversation with one of my then-housemates. People got together and were merry. This weekend I read a book for pleasure! I went outside and hobbled around on my sprained ankle! I played games on my computer that were NOT web-based! I drank a corona on a patio. And I did other things too. Oh, I went to the mall in the suburbs. It'd been a while. All those stores in one easy location! Air-conditioning! Spending!

Why are people allowed to smoke on patios? Aren't the no-smoking rules to do with second-hand smoke prevention? I don't get it. Smoking causes cancer, people! Didn't you listen to the cop with the drug suitcase back in grade 6? I did.

The ankle is getting better each day but it's still swollen, awkward to walk on, and purpley. Not very hot. Not very good for my workout regimen. Not very good for my frisbee team. Not very good for putting on pants while struggling to balance on one wonky foot.

There's not much going on this week. I was supposed to ride rollercoasters and waterslides all day long on Friday but that just may be cancelled.

Falling asleep. Good night.


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