Friday, June 15, 2007

Jessica is an open book.

"You're so hilarious!" she said to me while we milled around the buffet table. It was the last day of Spirituality class yesterday and we did a full-fledged conference complete with name tags, panels, and lots of food. I talk very little in that class - in most classes actually - prefering to listen and try to pay attention to three hour blocks of mostly bullshit.

But I had just finished presenting my "paper" on why and how spirituality might be taught in a multicultural classroom like many in the Toronto District School Board.

"Really? Why??" I smiled. I like examples. Always have.

"You're just so honest. It's awesome."

She wants to be my friend, this girl.

It's true, I'm honest. Sometimes too honest/borderline rude. I don't think I too often cross the line but I definitely hover around the border. This character trait seems to be becoming one of my most noteworthy. When did that happen? I don't know if I've always been that way or if it's a new development. I don't even really know what I said during that particular presentation that demonstrates it.

But I like it.

I'm going shopping for an interview outfit today. It's serious business.


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