Thursday, February 16, 2006

Nothing is ever certain

The other day I thought I was keeping most of my kids after the big change in March. Now I don't know, once more.

At today's staff meeting el directoro presented his slight dilemma. There are four classes without assigned teachers currently. One six year old class with a full year of English experience, one six year old class with some time of English experience, one new six year old class, and one new five year old class. There are four teachers without classes assigned: a new teacher, D'Arcy, Sara, and myself. D'Arcy's current kindergarteners are very advanced (she talks to them like they're native speakers), Sara's are near beginners who had been in school for a few months before she arrived, and mine are beginner five year olds that started their English careers with me back in July.

The dilemma is whether or not the director should cut me (and Sara) a break and give us the more experienced classes to make us happy, or instead give us the beginner five and six year old classes again because we are now experienced with it where D'Arcy and the new teacher are not.

On the one hand I realize that for the sake of the children, experience (at least some) is better than none. My poor kids discovered that with me. D'Arcy has had no experience with kids who can't speak English, even with her elementary classes. Every single class of mine is low level. I bask in my misfortune.

On the other hand, I don't want to deal with all the shit again. It was a tough go and I was struggling with them through hurdle after hurdle. Learning to be in school, learning to use scissors and glue, learning to hold pencils and write their names, to fill in sheets, to listen, to keep from speaking Korean in the classroom. They've come an impressively long way. It's easy to forget how trying it was to not be able to communicate with them, and it's even easier to take their level for granted now.

And really, I kind of want D'Arcy to feel what it's like. I know it's terrible, but I must admit, I would love to see it. She knows my secret, and probably hates me for it. Mwa ha ha!!!

If I get the five year olds again I'll manage and it'll provide for some exciting reads, won't it? What do you think will happen?? My wager is I'll get a beginner class; whether or not it's the five year olds I can't say.


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