Sunday, February 05, 2006

A snowless winter

Another weekend's done gone. Nothing much to say about it, either. The brittle cold that crept up on us prevented any exciting adventures. I can't even account for yesterday or most of today.

Oh, yesterday I brought two pairs of pants to a tailor to be shortened. He didn't actually measure me or properly figure out the length so I'm slightly concerned. There's nothing worse than too-short pants.

Then I went out to eat as Pasha, this pretty fantabulous Turkish restaurant in Gangnam area. I love bread and dips, particularly yogurt dips. I don't like sharing dips, however, particularly with groups larger than two or three.

This is a group of eight enjoying our Turkish feast. Around the table: Diego, Ed, Sara, Dragos, Jess, D'Arcy, Cara, and Jennifer.

Today I went to Lottemart to get a few pictures developed. I've been filling a photo album/scrapbook as I go along and am constantly impressed by the pictures that fill its pages. Maybe impressed isn't the word, but slightly surprised. I never thought when filling in the first few pages that pictures of bungy jumping, elephant riding, the great wall and Tiananmen Square would follow. After that feeling of surprise/impressed-ness passes, I wonder what will come next in the empty pages ahead.

On Friday my boss threw a happy wedding/happy birthday party for some coworkers. Jennifer got married last weekend and Sara turned 24 on Thursday.

My birthday is a week from today. El Directoro had a serious talk with me earlier this week. Would it be okay if he celebrated my birthday with Scott's goodbye party at the same time later this month? Too many things in February. No, it's not okay. I want my own party. What does he think? He has a sweet apartment that I would love to have for myself, in Canada or anywhere.


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