Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Sarang Hay

Today in my elementary class my kids taught me a Korean lesson (with a quiz and everything!) and we did not English work. Now I know how to spell the numbers from one to ten in both the hana, tul, set way and the il, i, sam way.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day here but things are done slightly differently here. Apparently, girlfriend's give boyfriend's a present now and then in a month or so it's the boy's turn to give the girl a present. I guess it's a good idea so there is a general ballpark figure to follow. Some of my kids brought me chocolate and I feel like I've been eating way too much of it these days. Check out this box of "Ferrero Rocher's". Ahh ha ha. I love Korea.

To celebrate Valentine's day, Sara and I went out to a Chinese restaurant in Suji that we'd never been to which was a bit overpriced (compared to two dollar mandu) but tasty nontheless. Then I went home and watched a documentary about the Great Wall of China. Now I can say I climbed it AND I know a little bit about it. I know I mentioned I had a date the other day but it's not Valentine's Day serious so don't get too excited, folks.

Today for the first time ever in Korea I did this....

Please forgive me, belly. And thanks mom and dad for the cute green sweater!


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