Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Did you know?

Did you know that the quickest and fairest way to solve problems or make decisions in Korea is a quick game of kai, bai, bo, better known to the Western world as rock, paper, scissors? Today I secured a Friday afternoon off with the brilliant selection of paper over rock. Assa!

Did you know that Korean boyfriends carry their girlfriend's purses regardless of color or style. I just saw a guy toting a lovely purple bag while his girlfriend trotted along, hands free.

Did you know that the cook at school is trying to starve us to death with kimchi and rice ONLY twice this week for lunch. Today she did us a favour and served spam in ketchup as well. I never actually ate spam before. I only ever made fun of the idea of spam. What's happening to me?

Speaking of which, did you know that this evening I bought meat at the grocery store for the second time ever since I've been in Korea. That's right, I never buy meat here. I eat meat at school, in restaurants, and everywhere else I go, but meat in the store is so damn expensive and all I have is a gas stove so I can't bake or grill.

Did you know that I eat fake crab regularly, sometimes just on its own as a snack? Mmm.. fake crab.

Today one of my elementary students brought me a huge bag of tangerines. Maybe it had thirty or forty of them. I'm not sure why he brought them because he can't speak English.


At February 09, 2006 3:06 a.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Were those "tangerines" or Satsuma mandarines, or maybe "Korean" mandarines?

Grocery stores here in the States have them to. They're seedless and really delicious. Healthy alternatives to junkfood.


At February 09, 2006 7:39 a.m. , Blogger Jessica said...

I don't actually know what they're called. They easily could be mandarines... small, seedless oranges in any case, and very sweet and juicy.

In China I had the greatest little ones. They were VERY little and still had their leafy greens on the stem. They might have been satsumas.. I'm not sure, but they were heavenly.


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