Thursday, November 17, 2005

July 1st 2005

Can I write in my statement of interest that I'm the best procrastinator that will ever grace their campus?

I just found this picture of me and my class on my very first day of work. It also happened to be my very first day in the country. I was nervous and tired and full of different emotions, especially when they threw me into teach math with absolutely no prior warning. I sucked. I don't even know what I taught for the first month or so. Hell, I still don't know what I teach.

Can you tell it was also their very first day of English kindergarten?


At November 17, 2005 12:00 p.m. , Anonymous katie said...

That is the cutest picture in the world! The kids look like little cherubs, however from reading your blog I know they are not! haha

Good luck with your apps- I didn't find the process too hard. But I was only applying to 2 schools so it was manageable.

Take care Jess!

At November 17, 2005 2:14 p.m. , Anonymous Carina said...

Hi Jess! I'm sure you'll figure things out. You should talk to my sister, she's going through the same thing! We got your post card and your 1st letter. Thank you!! I have a confession to make....I opened the letter. Despite the big warning on the outside saying 'do not open until my second letter', and the other warning inside the envelope, and the other warning written on the masking tape sealing the letter. And despite the challenge 'this is a test of will!!'. I failed.
And I just finished eating half of our left over cake. Clearly, I have no self control. I'm sorry.
But thank you for the letter! And we're looking forward to your package!!

At November 17, 2005 6:24 p.m. , Blogger Jessica said...

Ohh, sometimes they are, sometimes they are. ;)

Carina!! You suck!!!! Oh well. I hope the package even comes because I sent another one to someone else and it was received earlier this week... That'll show you!


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