Saturday, November 12, 2005

I have a blender!

The other week I went out to buy a plunger only to come home and realize I had one all along. A few days later after lamenting over the fact that not D'Arcy, Sara, nor I own a blender, I found one taking up most of the top shelf in my cupboard. Miracles, I tell you. Or blindness. Not sure which. Today that blender made some killer banana smoothies while we listened to music and hung out instead of boozing it up as per usual. It's too bad none of us own Monopoly. I bet I'll find the game under my bed tomorrow.

I was roused from sleep this morning by a call from my momma. Always nice to talk to her. Every time I do she tempts me. "Why don't you come home now?" "Haven't you had enough?" "We had Swiss Chalet for dinner tonight". I can withstand the temptations, however tantalizing they are.

Today I went in to Itaewon and spent too much money on gifts for others that I want to keep. And a gift for myself. It's an antique (whatever that means, exactly) wooden box that's maybe about the size of a large tissue box. It's handpainted orange with a flower and vine motif, it has a crooked latch on the front, and the inside is decorated with inked mountains and clouds and other things I can't quite decipher. It's made in Tibet and I'm sure it was once touched by a sherpa. I quite like it. Right now I have a seashell from Jeju, a stamp with my name in Korean, and a necklace I bought in Insadong inside it. I don't know what I'll keep in it one day.

Tomorrow I'm going to see my first live performance in Korea so I'm looking forward to that. And I have been promised banana pancakes. You can't go wrong with a day like that.


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