Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Everything's fine

Nobody even believed me that I'd do the midnight run. It's true, I'm not that spineless. Or is it brave?

I forgot to mention a funny thing. At the temple in Busan D'Arcy and I were taking a break from all the stairs and were leaning up against a wall reading a brochure when along came a young couple. I figured they wanted us to take a picture of the two of them or something. Instead the girl sidled up next to us with a quick nod of acknowledgement and her boyfriend snapped a picture of we three. I guess they thanked us and trotted away giggling. Foreigner freak show! There were fewer of us kicking around in Busan than in Seoul and Suji.

My floor is slowly heating my room.

I'm trying to organize a field trip this weekend to see the long running show Nanta. It's apparently set in a kitchen and is something akin to STOMP though with knives instead of garbage pails. Sounds good to me. Ten people equals a group rate so if anyone in the Seoul area, strangers or not, want to get in on this then drop me an email.


At November 08, 2005 11:49 a.m. , Anonymous Carina said...

Hi Jess! The cable/internet guy just came to our apartment so now rick and I have internet, and the frist thing I did was log onto your blog. Rick's at work...sucker...but I stayed home to wait for the cable guy. He looked nothing like Jim Carrey, but he was very nice.

ps your post card has been filled out and will be in the mail shortly!

At November 09, 2005 5:29 a.m. , Blogger Jessica said...

Hi Carina! Congrats on the new place!! I hope you guys have lots of fun and cooking together! Send me pictures!!! And don't put up with any crap from my lazy, stinky brother. :)

Miss ya!


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