Monday, October 31, 2005

10,000 hits

Sometime before or after this post I will have reached 10,000 hits. I remember installing site meter and getting excited over 9. That was just over nine months ago. A dedicated reader recently asked me to consider how 'blogging' has impacted my experience here. An interesting question that I'll try to address.

Well, I've always been an off and on journal keeper, most notably when I'm sad and have things to work out. I hadn't been writing much of anything until about two years ago after a tough break up when I went through a period of figuring stuff out; what I want, what I care about, who I am. All that stuff that I had never taken the time to figure out since I'd been preoccupied with less important things. So I wrote daily. I lot at first and progressively less and less as things started to look up. Maybe I'm getting off track.

I started to write this blog in January when the excitement for my upcoming adventure was keeping me up at night. Alright, it never ceases to keep me up at night. I didn't at first give the address out to everyone I know because there wasn't too much Korea related material and I didn't want my day to day words to be out there for everyone. But I relished the comments and 'hits' that I randomly received. I liked to be noticed. I like to be complimented. I like to be on display. At some point within this blog I remember writing about this part of myself. Many of my previous jobs have been performance based; swim instructor, tour guide, TA, and now teacher. Then there's the karaoke. I like to be the one who knows.

And having a blog is just that. It's a selfish thing, really, I think. You write and expect people to flock to your space. If I had no readers would I continue to have an online journal? Probably not. Scratch that, of course not. It's not just to keep people that I know updated but to share my experiences which I, perhaps selfishly or maybe generously, think are interesting or useful to others.

Now that I have that covered, how do I think it has changed my experience in Korea?

Without this blog I think I would feel lonelier here. It's been a good way to meet some new people and to feel like part of a community. I also have something to come home to after a hard day of work. It's a responsibility that I make sure to attend to. The comments and emails that come through it mean a lot to me because they make me feel as though I'm not alone. Or as if my ties at home are still strong.

If I didn't have this journal I wonder how my interaction with people would be different. Maybe I'd be more aggressive in building relationships but I doubt that.

In any case it will result in a wonderful documentation of this period in my life, n'est pas? Does anyone know how I can save it all to disk?


At October 31, 2005 2:43 p.m. , Blogger Blake said...

Somewhere on Blogger there's a walkthough on how to save your blog to disc. It's pretty complicated though.

At October 31, 2005 8:49 p.m. , Blogger John McCrarey said...

Well put. When I hit a bad patch a few months ago, I was amazed and very comforted by the kind words from people who happened upon my blog. It is a community of sorts and having good neighbors out there checking in on you is a wonderful feeling.

At October 31, 2005 11:15 p.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

After such a nice first crack at thinking about what it is to blog, you finish it with how do I save this to disk? Thinking about what function things like blogs can have for a person is frightening, I'd wager.

At November 01, 2005 3:20 a.m. , Blogger Jessica said...

Interesting, Blake. I can handle complicated.

Ain't that the truth, John.

Nice? Aww, thanks. I forgot to mention that it functions as a means to get information. A lazy person's means. Maybe some kind soul will burn it all for me and send it to me in the mail.

At November 01, 2005 4:16 a.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

10,000 hits! Congratulation. I think almost all the people who visit your blogsite are in a stealth mode; they come by to read your interesting blogs and see the terrific pictures.

Btw, if you have a CD burner, either external or internal, you can 'burn' all the pictures onto CDs. Later, when you are old and wise, you can revisit your youthful advantures.


At November 01, 2005 8:29 a.m. , Blogger Jessica said...

Yeah, or all the hits are my mom and dad... :)

I do have all the pictures saved at least but I'm more concerned about the writing.

At May 09, 2008 2:02 p.m. , Blogger Jessica said...

Hello old me. This is current me of May 2008. You are beautiful and smart and I miss you. I am those things two, only two and a half years old and different somehow.


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