Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Another day's done gone

I don't even feel much like writing because everyday is mostly bad at work lately. Let's not talk about it.

I'm thinking about what has been perpetuating my cold and decided to stop drinking directly out of the same water bottle for days (okay, weeks) on end. That can't be a healthy habit, right?

Did you know that I quit biting my nails? I posted about it way back in May I think, when I came up with the brilliant idea that thinking of nail biting as germ ingestion would easily help me kick the habit especially when working with snot-nosed children, and let me tell you, they really are snot-nosed. The idea worked and I have had lovely nails ever since. Not counting my one orange one that is still stained from two weeks ago. It's crazy! Why do they purposefully do it? I'll never know.

Today was test day for the older kids so we tested them and then carved a pumpkin. I hate carving pumpkins, I've decided. Especially with a classroom full of kids who care not for watching the teacher struggle with a less than adequate tool meant for clay design. I gave up and let the kids colour the damn thing. Last test day we made pancakes which meant the teachers made pancakes while the kids waited quietly for theirs to arrive on their plate (ha!). I am not a cook. I burnt mine and demanded a replacement at the stovetop. I didn't sign up for this cooking and carving business.

Whine whine whine.

I do appreciate the free food and trips, however.


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