Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Hitting, Punching, Kicking, Pinching... Crying

It seemed to go downhill as soon as I took it upon myself to add the words "kicking, hitting, pinching, and scratching" to the kids' vocabularly.

Today Brian said a bad word to Peter so Peter hit Brian and Brian cried. Then Yoon, I guess in Brian's defense, walked up and whacked Peter one in the jaw. Peter burst out in tears and I sent Yoon out in the hall to get a Korean talking to which caused him to burst into tears. Molly cried sometime during that same class because of something to do with Wendy.

I can't control the words they say to each other because I don't understand them. It's really a problem. How do you keep hitting from being a first reaction to anger? Mom?

Aside from this things are going fine this week and I'm doing great. The theme of the month is "Let's Play" so that's exactly what we're doing. Playing! I like playing. And, surprise surprise, so do the kids! Who's got some fun game ideas for little kids?

Looking forward to this weekend's getaway. It's just Darce and me so finally we'll get some alone time. Traveling in packs is not so appealing to me because I like to make decisions and mistakes; either way I like to be the maker.


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