Monday, November 07, 2005


Like a slap in the face I returned to work today after a really wonderful weeked to face my badly behaved crying children. Stephanie cut Ashley with scissors and drew blood. This evening I watched an emotional movie and cried more than I normally would have.

So, let's go back to the wonderful weekend for a while and forget about my unhappy fate for the next seven and 3/4 months, shall we? Jack Johnson and dim lighting are doing their best to make me happy.

I'll show you my favourite pictures from this weekend though they can all be found here.

Here is an assortment of side dishes and things for sale at the market. Anything look tempting to you?

How about this fish? My, what big eyeballs you have.

This is my favourite picture from the weekend. Look at Busan piled up on that hillside, and the shabby looking boat bobbing in the water. That's a serious fish-bearing Sea of Japan, known here as the East Sea.
I thought the boats would look nicer but most of them were like these.

Look at this smiling happy man in his boat! This is the boat we took a ride in without knowing where we were going. We were two of four passengers and were glad to find out it was a ferry to the other side of the bay.

Here is a view of the love hotel we stayed at one stop South of Busan University. Look at that fancy laz-y-boy... That foot rest doesn't look too comfortable. You can just see the edge of our circular bed.

After the whole spa fiasco we treated ourselves to a very fishy sushi dinner. Raw fish and sushi, which are apparently different things, udon soup, fish head soup, tempura and other things. D'Arcy's smile is fake.

I like lights in Asia.

On Saturday night we followed Lonely Planet's advice and went to "Soul Trane" bar near the university. We met this girl and her sleazy cousin. She speaks fluent French! We also met a couple of foreigners who were also at the bar as per the LP recommendation. Funny how that happens.

On Sunday we went to the beautiful Beomeosa temple. There are some different opinions about the date of the construction of Beomeosa, but most believe that it was constructed by some great priest in 678. It burned down and was rebuilt about twice since then, most recently rebuilt in 1613. I took that from the brochure so you can count on me.

We also took a cable car up to the top of a mountain. Look at how white the city is. I considered how a city looks at home and couldn't quite recall. All I see here are white apartment buildings it feels like. Then I remembered mirror and glass. Oh that.

Then we went back to the train station and returned home. Then I downloaded my pictures. Then I slept. Then I woke up and had a bad day. Then I watched Crazy/Beautiful with Kirsten Dunst and cried while eating a very tasty salad. Then I wrote this post. Then I did the midnight run. What?


At November 07, 2005 10:52 a.m. , Blogger Blake said...

Soul Trane is mentioned in Lonely Planet Korea?

I've been drunk there before. :D

Another fun fact:

I have never read the Korea Edition of Lonely Planet. I must have no idea of what's supposed to be good in this country!

At November 07, 2005 12:04 p.m. , Blogger Kiran said...

it was a good movie eh? funny they're still showing it, i saw it in korea too...on 'catch-on'
"hey miguk...num-bah wun chan-nul!"

i thought you'd have a little more korean pride by now...don't you know there's no such thing as the 'sea of japan' it's the EAST SEA dammit! korea has the maps to prove it, and you can view them at the 'Tokdo Heritage Museum' on Ulleungdo island... (another very worthwhile trip of you get another holiday)

At November 07, 2005 5:57 p.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well.. this picture will do

do you see sea of corea on the left hand side?

that picture is an illustration from Gulliver's Travels which was published in 1726

At November 08, 2005 12:18 p.m. , Blogger Kiran said...

i can see it... says the 'Sea of Corea'


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