Thursday, November 10, 2005

Peppero Day is coming!!!

Yeah, it's a completely fabricated and commercial celebration but I don't care. Any reason to celebrate is fine by me. I don't know any details of how it came to be, though I feel like it's a competition with Japaenese Pocky Day, but what I do know is that everyone gives and receives lots and lots of chocolate covered cookie sticks. It's delumptious. If not everyone then children and teachers of those children. Yes!

Look at the insane madness inside the stationary store that's by my school. Usually there are approximately five to nine shoppers in there at any given moment.

What kind of Peppero shall I choose?? I can understand their dilemma.

And the display outside the store...

Surprisingly enough, all these fancily packaged cookies are not outrageously priced so I'm jumping on the bandwagon and buying Peppero for everyone I know! Hip hip hooray, it's Peppero Day!! Well, tomorrow. We'll see what kind of goods I rake in tomorrow since I've marked it on our calendar, scheduled it into our day, and have been reminding the children since October.

Oh right, it's also Remembrance Day in Canada, lest I forget. I'll always remember the time I played Taps in front of the whole school in the eighth grade but since Mrs. Baskin had only taught me the notes at recess that day I screwed it up. Just a little, of course. I'll forever hang my head in shame.


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