Monday, September 19, 2005

Getting sick of tea

Here I am, after a three day weekend of doing not a thing, still with no voice. This really sucks. I feel uncomfortable and I'll tell you why.

My director is really calm and generous with us teachers. He never gives anyone a hard time about anything and is always willing to help if need be. When a teacher is sick there are no questions asked and he volunteers to help with doctors or hospital visits or whatever may be needed. The thing is that when a teacher is sick there is no such thing as a substitute teacher. Instead all the other teachers pitch in to cover the classes, combining their own classes or missing something like computers. It's not so much fun, at least in my opinion, to cover classes because having a class of twenty instead of ten in a small classroom meant for six is just bad.

I would still feel bad, but not that bad, if Scott wasn't off tomorrow because his parents are in town. Now with me voiceless there will be two teachers gone and six teachers teaching eight classes. Not so fun for the others.

It's not my fault, I know, but I still feel uncomfortable about it.

I miss my college days. Ha. Never thought I'd say that, but seriously, the days when you are not accountable to anyone but yourself. If you get sick you do what you need to do to get better. Or you drive home along the 401 to lie on your couch in your parents house and snuggle with your dog and eat Lipton's soup from the box with frozen peas and corn added. You don't have to call or explain to anyone. Sick or not, I miss those days. My days were mine. I went to class, yes, but I chose the times of those classes and if I needed to go somewhere or do something, I did not have to apologize or arrange to miss them. I was not shackled to the clock or some superior. That's the worst thing about where I am now.

So I'm going to go into work tomorrow with no voice, unless it miraculously comes back. I assume they will send me home to get better. But they might not. I really can't talk louder than just above a whisper, and even then it's scratchy and unintelligible, so it would be silly for me to teach. Plus, the best remedy is to avoid speaking. If they want me to be able to teach they shouldn't let me teach for the next day or two.

I was optimistic that I would be fine by tomorrow but improvement has been close to nil over the weekend. Too bad they can't just hire a substitute and give me the week off. :) Maybe I'll get the week off anyway, and have all my coworkers scowling at me by the weekend.

Oh well, at least I've had lots of time to myself and to my book. I'm almost finished the eight hundred and something page beast and I think I had only two chapters read on Friday.

And I was to start teaching the director's daughter tomorrow.


At September 20, 2005 7:47 a.m. , Blogger Blake said...

Your boss still sounds great!

Happily, my new boss seems like a good guy too.

At September 20, 2005 7:53 a.m. , Blogger Jessica said...

Seems being the operative word... mwa ha ha.

I hope he's great, I do I do!


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