Friday, September 16, 2005

Down for the count

It progressed quickly from period to period throughout the day, and by the time my last classes rolled around all I could manage was a slight squawk. I've lost my voice. And man does it suck to be an English teacher with no voice. Especially one of little children.

At present time my friends are out listening to hot guys (obviously hot since I'm not there) play acoustic guitar at the showdown in Itaewon. What I wouldn't give for some hot acoustics right about now. No matter, I just caught the newest episode of Survivor on AFN, the Armed Forces Network. The commercials reminded me to travel with a buddy and to sit on the aisles to avoid terrorist attacks.

My head is heavy and I'm immune to effects of Nyquil because of my little unmentionable habit. That's a joke, Mom. Fret not.

This weekend is Chusok, the Korean equivalent to Western Thanksgiving. Except teachers get presents! The director gave each of us a fabulous Dove gift set (gift sets are all the rage here... you can choose from a variety including Spam, Dental hygiene kits, and a box of apples for mucho dinero) and thirty thousand won. What a generous man! I'm so lucky. From students, on top of the bag yesterday, I got a beautiful tea set made in Japan, a box of cookies from my Korean helper woman, and three huge Korean pears. Do not mistake them for Asian pears because they're Korean, I was assured. Not a bad day, all in all. Oh wait, except I lost my voice.

For Show and Tell Friday I had the brilliant idea of "Silly Hair". Most kids didn't really participate, except for Elliot, who's really getting into the swing of things.

Man oh man, this doesn't even capture how ridiculous and adorable he looked. I love Elliot. It turns out he's the youngest in the class, at maybe three and a half if not younger, so we'll forgive him for the 'incident' and move on from there.

And because I can't pass up posting this fantastic photo of Yoon...

Have a good weekend everybody!


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