Monday, September 12, 2005

Making Progress

What!?! I just wrote a long and scintillating post and it's nowhere to be seen!

I can't even be bothered to recreate it for you. I was merely bragging about how wonderful my kids are and how they're now able to have relatively interesting conversations with me. Let it be known that they knew only the alphabet and colours before they arrived in Happy class.

Elliot hasn't peed in his pants since the first incident, AND he can now write his name and tell me that Friday ends with a y.

Mindy doesn't scowl at me anymore. In fact she smiles regularly and she can recite "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" with confidence and flair. I have a video clip that I can send through messenger if you're dying to see the kids in action.

The point is that I'm the best teacher on the face of the Earth. Forget the fact that three year olds are sponges.

My older kids called me fat today. But they also called me thin today. I'll take that as a combined "just right". They also called me "Africa." Why? I don't have blue eyes.


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