Sunday, September 04, 2005


I went to the exhibition in the COEX mall entitled: The Human Body. I've never heard of anything like this before but the entire exhibition consisted of real human bodies that had been plasticized. I'm not sure if this was before or after they had been cut up in various ways to show human muscle or bone or blood vessels, depending.

I think I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

This guy's holding his own skin.

The white stuff you see is fat. This was an example of obesity.
Here are all the internal organs.
I don't know about this one.
Ay ya yaiy!!!

Crazy, eh? I'm skeptical about this scientific form, but... all in the name of education, right? More pictures available for the curious.


At September 08, 2005 6:22 a.m. , Blogger Shells Bells said...

that's icky...


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