Sunday, September 18, 2005

Crazy going slowly am I

Having no voice has lost any kind of allure it once had. I've spent the entire weekend laying low and following everyone's 'lost voice' advice. Drink fluids, take hot showers, avoid talking. There have been mild improvements but I'm still concerned that I won't be able to teach on Tuesday. Luckily it's a long weekend, but what a lousy long weekend it's been.

Yesterday I spent watching TV so today I changed it up and spent it reading. That was fine for the first number of hours, but by the time nightfall rolled aorund I was ready to go. I showered and took a walk through Suji, marvelling at the quiet streets and lack of lights. Today is Chusok day, where people do things with their families and thank their ancestors. McDonald's was booming.

I missed a day of fun at Everland but D'Arcy was thoughtful enough to bring me back a bucket of popcorn.

I'm sorry for myself but I have a solution:


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