Wednesday, June 15, 2005

He's 6'3''!

Lots of news today:

I got an increase on my credit limit - $2,500!!! Now I can afford a plane ticket home to Canada no problem should the need arise.

My dad got the store to replace my camera. He just walked in there, asked to speak to the manager, explained the situation, and voila! A new camera was presented. It's magic, I tell you. Thanks Dad!

Another job opportunity is on the horizon. This one has better hours but one minor problem. I would be the ONLY foreigner at the school. All the other teachers are Korean. The city is called Suwon and is relatively close to Seoul. D'Arcy would not be able to join me at that school but apparently there are plenty of Hagwons in the city.

The benefits of this kind of situation are that I would be forced to immerse myself more in Korean culture. I would probably learn more Korean and interact more with Koreans because I wouldn't have an immediate safety net of foreigners around me. I like the idea of a real cultural immersion, but I don't like the idea of loneliness. And I don't like the idea of pressure from the school since I'd be the only foreigner to point fingers at for decreased enrollment or something.

Maybe Paul HAS been reading my blog. Somehow the topic of height came up in our telephone conversation today. Weird. I guess I brought it up. It went like this:

Him: I think working for a female director is always better.
Me: Yeah, at least when you're a guy. It may be different for another female.
Him: True, but I'm sure you could handle it.
Me: Yeah, I'm probably taller than her anyway.
Him: How tall are you?
Me: Six feet, you?
Him: Mmmm... I'd say six three, six three and three quarters...
Me: (laughs out loud and thinks about marriage)

Also of interest is the fact that I could be leaving any day now. If a school and I decide to go ahead with a contract it could very well be only a matter of days before I'm out of here. I have to pack! I have to buy a year's worth of deodorant and hair mousse! I have to say goodbye! When I arrive in Korea I'll also have to do a visa run to Japan so that I can work legally since there won't be time to prepare the visa beforehand. Japan here I come!


At June 16, 2005 1:40 a.m. , Blogger Blake said...

Maybe Paul has been reading your site.

He knows about my site, and I do like to yours...

I wouldn't recommend being the only foreigner at a school. You'll get more than enough immersion in "Korean culture" as it is. That's my opinion anyway.

Japan kicks ass! To bad plane flights are provided there (in most cases).

At June 16, 2005 8:44 a.m. , Blogger Jessica said...

Do you mean most of the time flights are not provided? Maybe since they're desperate for a teacher NOW they'll pay. I don't want to pay!!!


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