Saturday, December 02, 2006

3 AM

Shit, can't sleep again and today it's the caramel coretto to blame.

I'm in Thornhill after a lovely shabbat dinner with the family. Matzah balls and challah and candles - the whole deal. Brisket over chicken. My stomach is a bit angry with me.

The wind is angry too. It is howling outside and the trees are casting shadows on the closet door in my brother's old room where I'm sleeping. I just went on a hunt for the electric blanket my mom bought for me a couple of years ago but it's nowhere to be seen. And I'm freezing. Brrr. Puh-leee-ching.

I was thinking recently about Korea but what was it... hmm... nope, can't remember.

There is a website for the school I taught at and every now and then I check it out to see how my kids are doing. They look older, and some are gone. Where's Mindy? Jamie looks demonic and sweaty as ever.

I really want to sleep but don't feel like it's going to be an option right now. I'll give it a go.


At December 05, 2006 12:38 a.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I discovered that this guy has a blog and currently teaches at Kids College.

I was looking to see if anybody from my old school in Suji had a blog just to see if they were bitching about it and came across that. How odd eh? He's using the same blog site as you, working at the same shcool you used to.



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