Monday, November 27, 2006

Hip hip hooray


I feel happy.

At Fresh, the place where I ate tonight, the wallpaper extends onto the ceiling and looks totally beautiful. Too bad there weren't enough vegetables in my soba noodles. Too much soba, I tell you.

Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment. The annual checkup thing. The last time I went to the doctor they told me I had high cholesterol. The time before that I had low iron. Then I went to Korea and managed to avoid the needle-in-the-bum. Whoo!

Speaking of which, I was sick so many damn times in Korea. Let me find my list.

1. Sick upon arrival lingering from trip to Mexico
2. Late July 2005: mini cold beginning in Osaka, Japan.
3. Mid/late September 2o05: lost voice for about six days (completely - still had to teach AND missed going to Everland.)
4. October 1st to October 3rd: pink eye and lingering sore throat/cough/phlegm/scratchy voice .... still going on October 25th... feeling mostly cleared up by November 5th 2005.
5. December 16th - December 24th 2005: total body ache and then stuffy and bloody nose.
6. January 7th 2006: headache, sore throat, fever, stuffy nose... almost lost voice, lingering sore throat better by January 23rd 2006.
7. February 26th 2006: Cold with lots of phlegm! Then ear infection! Still sick on March 13th. Pretty much better by March 18th.
8. March 29th 2006 - April 10th 2006: sore throat and phlegm, then stuffed nose.
9: April 22nd 2006 - Cold, sudden.

If you find this explicit, it's because I copied it straight out of my journal and it doesn't suffer from the stringent censorship laws that this blog does.

Never teach children! I was sick so many times I can't even believe it. I haven't been sick once since I returned home in August.

Tomorrow is my first physical since before Korea. Hopefully they don't tell me I have something equivalent to the dentist's cavity.


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