Sunday, October 29, 2006


I saw a girl with a shoulder bag. On the bag were phrases. Wear sunscreen. Don’t count on an old age pension. Have many friends. I can’t remember the rest but they’re all from that song Kiran just recommended to me. What are the odds?

Yesterday I went to see Running with Scissors which I’d heard nothing about. It was crazy ridiculous-like, though funny and likeable. I found there were a few too many scenes that were straight out of Garden State: the pet funeral, the medicine cabinet, the screaming release, and there were more… Huh.

I’ve been spending time doing nothing too much when I should be spending it doing something. Despite my complaints about grad school being hard, I really don’t have all that much left to do in this semester. Actually, that’s a huge lie. I have two stats assignments that take up all my time, and then two five page papers for my class on Immigration, two smaller things for immigration, a 20-25 page final paper for Theory and another of similar length for Immigration. Plus I have two more assignments to grade this term for my TA class and 9 hours a week to spend doing RA work. What the hell am I doing doing nothing?

The professor I’m TAing for is really well rounded and cool. He’s from Alabama and did an undergraduate degree in Engineering and History. Then he went on to do an MD, the fellowship for which he is just finishing now in oncology. At the same time he’s finishing his PhD in epidemiology. And he’s working as a sessional in the sociology department teaching a course on research methods. AND he plays a bunch of instruments in bands. And he’s friendly to his students and likes traveling and smiles a lot. And he’s 33. Interesting.

And now it’s time to do something.


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