Friday, November 17, 2006

Suburban me

Hot damn, I hate riding the subway during rush hour! Why is it always full of freaks muttering to themselves, screaming children, and sneezing people? No, seriously? I'm not a public transportation snob, but I tell ya, if only I hadn't misplaced my ipod today.

The reason I took the subway is because I am currently sitting in my house in the suburbs, dog sitting for my parents who are out of town. Approaching my house on foot from the bus stop at the end of the corner made me feel sadly reminiscent. Maybe of my mostly care-free highschool self, or my lonely walking-through-the-neighbourhood heart-broken self, or some sort of self that I used to be before that I'm not anymore.

The suburbs are so quiet. The houses are so big and dark. There are so many condiments in the fridge but no fruits or vegetables. There are things in the freezer, even. My room is now the laundry/weight lifting room, but the purple walls and yellow curtains and random art remain.

This weekend I'm grading papers and right now I'm taking a break.

I'm resisting temptation to eat the condiments in the fridge and frozen things in the freezer because I've been catching glimpses of developing abs. Nice-uh.

It's grading time!

What are you doing this weekend?


At November 19, 2006 10:37 p.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ooooh...abs-uh! Nice-uh! Reminds me that i gotta get back to my routine hardcore now that i don't ahve any distractions.

Sounds like things are going a smidge better now hopefully. I hope you had a good weekend.

Last week my bro came by for a visit and it was awesome. We saw and did lots of cool crap...but it was exhausting spending every second or every day trying to do stuff because he had such a short time.

Well, ttyl.



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