Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The quarter life crisis continues

Weeks ago, "How bad is it to work as a grocery store cashier?"

Today, "I wish I worked at McDonalds," I said.

"I wish I worked at Starbucks," she said.

"Everyday on the streetcar I look at the driver and think 'damn, he's got a good life,'" he said.

We laughed, then sighed.

Why are we doing this to ourselves?

I can't seem to put the necessary effort into my work. I sit at my computer and do everything but my work. I don't like my work!

But I've had a moment of clarity.

Here's the idea: I want to do something where I can express creativity, work with people, and be independent at the same time. I think I'll do a second master's degree in journalism. I like writing. I appreciate language. I won English awards in highschool AND once my TA in first year sociology wrote on a lame paper "you should go into journalism." That settles it, doesn't it?

So I can go to France from October to March (there's an interesting English teaching program there that allows lots of travel and life) then travel and/or work, then start a journalism program in the fall. Done and done.


At November 30, 2006 5:15 p.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trust me, you don't wish you worked at Starbucks.


At December 01, 2006 6:39 a.m. , Blogger Shells Bells said...

Seriously I worked at McDonalds all through high school..don't. Are you working at a grocery store?? How could you find time to work it seems like you are studying your butt off!


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