Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Time keeps a' flyin'

Well hello.

So far so good with the little ones this week. I guess I don't hate teaching after all...

I don't have much to say right now. Let's see.

For those who are curious, though the new girl quit, she's still around a month later. I think this is her last week and a new new girl has been hired, likely to begin on Monday. The office atmosphere has been strained all month, perhaps due to the new girl's situation, perhaps not. She doesn't talk and we're unusually quiet. Maybe it's Scott's absence that's the real difference. I don't write about my coworkers here because it wouldn't be appropriate, but there are eight of us; seven girls and one guy. The ambiance is for the most part good. At least there's no serious office drama to speak of. I'm hoping the new new girl is at least managable, though, which sometimes can be hard to come by in these parts.

I've hit the gym twice this week after a bit of a hiatus what with sickness and no motivation. Feel the burn, baby. Now all I want to do is sleep but it's guitar practicing time.

I think about finishing this teaching contract every single day. I can't wait to travel and then to go home, so much so that the thought is taking away from my day to day experience here. It's so close and in my reach and yet so far off at the same time. Three months to go. In that time I have a number of things to look forward to, most notably a long weekend in Tokyo, so let's see how fast that time keeps a' flyin'. A year is really nothing.


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