Monday, March 13, 2006

My ear ache update

The ear pain kept me awake and unhappy until around five in the morning, despite two tylenol 3's I took at 11:30. I went to the doctor before work and he did all the usual(ly strange) things like sucking out the contents of my nose and dabbing my throat with reddish foul tasting things. In his script-like manner he told me that I have acute jibber jabber medical term, inflamed timpani (or something - I've got band on the mind) drums, post nasal drip, infected tonsils, etc. etc. He told me not to blow my nose vigorously and he prescribed the same mystery packet he always does. The all purpose ear, nose, and throat doctor precription, only three days worth, to ensure a return visit

I was surprisingly energetic throughout the day but am falling fast..

I think I'll put Saturday night's events in a separate post.


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