Thursday, March 09, 2006

Last Weekend... and then some

A little late but hey, why not show you some pictures from last weekend.

Here is Diego and the hideous dog one of my kids gave me around Christmas time. They seem to get along. Diego is the very cool husband of my very cool coworker Jennifer. They have traveled the world together after meeting in Thailand four or five years ago. They married just over a month ago here in Korea to get the immigration papers going for when they move back to Canada. She's from Canada and he's from everywhere. He just got a job two hours away from Suji so they're apart despite being newlyweds. Anyway, here he is with my hideous dog.

Here's me and Dragos at my and D'Arcy's dinner party. We all played Scattergories and I didn't win.. this time.

On Sunday Darce and I jumped on the 5500 and headed towards this interesting area of Seoul we came across back in the Fall. We were there last when it was just getting chilly and I had to buy a scarf to keep warm. This Sunday was one lovely afternoon and it seemed kind of fitting to be back during a season change.

Did you know they have Yogen Fruz in South Korea?? Strange, but true.

They also have pizza in a cone. It's Fun-tastic! I couldn't pass it by.

I opted for the spicy hot chicken flavour. I am very happy with my pizza cone. Waiting in line was well worth it!
Here is a close-up shot of my very special pizza cone. Doesn't it look... delicious? It is! It is!
This is me on the subway with my very cool shopping bag that cost me 100 won. That's ten cents. It's shaped like a T-shirt. Even that fellow with the braces likes it a lot. Uh huh, he does. Maybe I should have gotten his number so I could share it with him.

Here is my mom holding up Kwinter. I miss Kwinter and can't wait to reunite with her sleek self. I love you Kwinter! I love you too, Mom.

Hope you enjoyed the slide show, folks.

Everyone at work is dropping like flies. Six or seven out of eight of we teachers has been sick lately. I have been since two Sundays ago and just when I thought I was on the mend a new shot of sore muscles and sickness hit.

The new girl is still at work and nobody has mentioned the situation to the rest of the staff so who knows what's going to happen. I'm pretty sure she's still leaving because she's not making any particular effort to socialize with anybody or to do any work.

I still only have four kids in my class: Mindy, Yoon, Alice, and John. Mindy is so cute but likes to break the rules. Yoon is so cute but likes to break the rules.. in contrast to Mindy, though, he tries really hard to talk and write well and things. Alice lacks personality but doesn't usually break the rules. John doesn't speak any English at all and shouldn't be in my class. Today he totally flipped out because I caught him cutting up his art project (kind of accidentally) and then surreptitiously switching his with Alice's. I called him on it, he denied, denied, denied, and then he got so angry that he went under the table and refused to come out. Mindy said that her mother is angry that there are only four kids in the class. I think we're all going to grow tired of each other, and fast, if we don't get a decent sized class going. Not that I'm complaining about the sweet, stress-free set up.

Goodnight, sweetheart, goodnight.


At March 11, 2006 1:42 a.m. , Blogger Shells Bells said...

pizza in a cone looks fantastic! Your kids look soooooooo cutie in their costumes I could eat em!

At March 11, 2006 11:52 a.m. , Blogger Jessica said...

Pretty damn good. If you're ever in a place called Hweyhwa or something like that, look for it near the TCBY building!

THanks, they are quite adorable!!!

At March 11, 2006 3:08 p.m. , Anonymous Katie said...

It looks like they are packed with cheese...i think they'd give me a tummy ache. Can you get ham and pineapple ones?? That's the kind I'd order. Is there a food from home that you can't wait to eat Jess?

At March 11, 2006 9:19 p.m. , Blogger Jessica said...

Yes, in fact they did have a Hawaiian option! And there wasn't THAT much cheese.. just they put it on top so it's thickest there.

As for food I can't wait to eat.. there's nothing I can think of that I really miss because there really are lots of foreign restaurants here and I go to them regularly. I kind of miss Chalet sauce.. and good ol' fashioned sandwhiches. But I'm not dying.


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