Monday, December 19, 2005

Five Days 'till Thailand

I just talked to Bubby and Zaidy on the telephone - hi again Bubby and Zaidy!

I'm just about finished writing statements of interest so I'll be able to send out packages to my referrers on Wednesday, or maybe even tomorrow. I haven't yet finished Carleton's though, since there's no professor that has any interests that interest me. It's my fallback plan but I don't really want to go there after all. But my chances of getting into U of T are nil, to McGill slim to none, and to Western just slim. So I guess I better come up with something. I go from feeling uber positive to completely useless and back again all the time.

This morning I trudged through the fresh snow to work only to find the heat, internet AND photocopier all broken. Luckily, this week of all weeks I can handle any bad thing that comes my way. Why? Well, Thailand, of course. See you soon, elephants.


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