Thursday, December 15, 2005

Cap n' Gown

I didn't get to wear a cap at my university convocation, but I did get to today. My five year olds had picture day, and what did that mean? Full academic dress for all. I don't know why. They've graduated from nothing. They have simply completed their first year, or more precisely, their first six months, of kindergarten.

The end of February is graduation time here, and the beginning of a new school term. For some reason winter break (for elementary age students and higher) in Korea lasts for about two months and the summer break is only for one. So the seven year old classes graduate and move onto elementary school in March, and my kids move up to the six year old class.

Have I ever described the age system here in Korea? Despite all the birthdays that we celebrate, every person in Korea calls themself a year older on January first. And when they're born they are considered one year old. If you were born in November, then, you'd be one year old, and then when January rolled around two months later you'd be two years old. Then you'd start kindergarten as a three year old.

We just celebrated Molly's birthday on Tuesday. That means she just turned four years old Western age. Unbelievable.

Anyway, we all wore caps and gowns today for our class picture and I look forward to getting a copy.

Oh, I just made my first packet of Lipton chicken soup sent courtesy of my parents. I have no measuring cups so I eyeballed it, badly, and had to add another flavour package. Instead of my regular frozen peas and corn addition, I Asianized it by adding those skinny, long, white mushrooms and green peppers that are much thinner-bodied than at home. Quite tasty, I must say.

Thanks to Rick and Carina for the package that arrived today. Your apartment looks cool and your pantry looks like a foreign goods market. I was wondering about that blue toilet water. And who knew how delicious sea salt and pepper would be together in one??


At December 15, 2005 5:26 p.m. , Blogger Randi said...

So do you get 2 months vacation like the students? I'm off to the Negev tomorrow for a trip...we have a 7 hour hike on Saturday (if you don't speak to me after that, it means I died on it). Oh yah! I was at Tel Aviv U on Wednesday and bumped into Rena! What a small world, I tell ya :)

At December 15, 2005 6:14 p.m. , Blogger Jessica said...

No, I don't get two months off, sadly, but that would be great. I might have fewer kids enrolled, or perhaps more kids enrolled.

The sad thing is that though these kids are off from school they often are worked even harder than when they are in school. They go to intensive English school or math school or whatever else. It's not like our holidays as kids when we would sit around the house or play outside or whatever it was we did.

Good luck and don't die, little one!


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