Sunday, December 18, 2005

Techno Mart

I went to Techno Mart today; nine stories filled with all the electronics you can imagine. That's reason enough for my dad to come here. I was on a mission, though, and pressed for time, so I hurried up to the 2nd floor (Domestic Home Appliances and Wedding Goods) and found what I came for. I was concerned about my picture taking addiction needs in Thailand. First, I didn't think my battery would make it and I'm not sure about the plugs in Thailand. Second, my 256mb memory card might not cover the nine days. It was just enough for Mexico, and I only left the resort once!

So I got myself another 256 card and a spare lithium ion battery for 75,000 won. A decent price, I think, considering in Canada a battery like that goes for $60, I think. Let me check.... Well looks like is selling them for $30 USD down from $70. I spent about $25 USD on mine. Anyway, the point is that now I'll be hassle free in Thailand and full of pictures and videos. Excellent.

I just got back from a birthday celebration for Cara at a place that serves decisious skewered lamb and veggies, and other things.

By the way, all the pictures from the bachelor auction can be found here.

My nose is plugged. I cannot breathe. Goodnight, folks.


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