Sunday, November 20, 2005

What's for dinner tonight?

Yesterday I had a dinner to remember - Turkish food in Gangnam at a restaurant called Pasha. Wow. I've never had Turkish food before, as far as I know, but the meat melted in my mouth, the rice was flavourful and hot (my school chef could use a lesson or two) and the bread was unbelievable. As was the yogurt dip. Wow. Go there, people!

If anyone (someone, please!) came to visit I'd take them on a food tour of my life in Korea. Some key spots to visit:

1) Isaac's or Cafe con Leche for a toast: basically a grilled cheese and egg sandwhich but something about it takes my breath away. Maybe it's the kiwi jam.

2) Kalbi at our Suji Kalbi place with the white sign and the service ice cream. Extra red sauce and corn nibblets, chuseyo.

3) Shabu shabu at the shabu shabu place above the KFC and next to the DVD bang. Mmm.

4) The little mandu place with the nice man who speaks English and knows us well: There we'd get gogi mandu, kimchi mandu, and tolsot bibimbap. Also, of course, there'd be yellow radish, kimchi, and oniony soup.

5) Taco Chili Chili in Itaewon: A tiny shack with five tables that serve wonderful burritos and things. Or Lamerce in Samsung Plaza for Burritos, not sure which I like more. Then again Lamerce has the 'endless chip' and you can't go wrong with endless chips.

6) And now, newly added to the list, is Pasha for Turkish delights.

So come on, people. Rick, you've got time to spare and a healthy appetite... do it!!!

They play good music on television commercials in this country. Jack Johnson and Cake, for instance. I dig it.


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