Monday, November 21, 2005

My apartment is an oven

I left my heat on full blast throughout the day and when I got home I considered baking an apple crumble on my floor. If only I knew how to bake. It's still a sauna in here and I turned it off three hours ago. That's fine.

Everything's great! There has been a real turn around in Happy class and I'm more than relieved because I was starting to wonder what I would do with if the crying, hitting, yelling, and complaining kept up.

I have extended English Time into the entire day, figuring it would be unnecessarily confusing for the children to have to understand and differentiate between English and Korean Times. Jessica Teacher Time is Korean Time. They're still not quite, okay, not even close to, ready for the dreaded Open Class but with two weeks until the day I think they'll be just fine. I hope, I hope.

In my older elementary classes I have been seeing some really encouraging progress. Remember Eugene, the girl? She arrived in class and couldn't even name the letters. She had no English confidence and never participated. Now she's a reading, participating machine. Go Eugene! There's power in the name!

The other E1's (elementary 1's) were able to handle a simple conversation with me today about their Korean school and whether their teacher is a boy or a girl, who goes to the same Korean school, etc. May not impress you much but that's a serious step up from the usual Korean chatter and blank stares.

And my E2 class of four kids have taken extremely well to the no Korean rule. They are speaking more English and making sure to report any utterance of Korean that might slip out of someone's mouth. I better teach the word tattletale one of these days.

Up for tomorrow, and I'll try not to forget: How much money you typically make as an English teacher in Korea.


At November 21, 2005 10:54 a.m. , Anonymous Katie said...

Are you making good money??? Tax free?

At November 21, 2005 11:03 a.m. , Anonymous carina said...

jess, did you get our post card yet?

At November 21, 2005 6:21 p.m. , Blogger Jessica said...

No postcard yet! Did you get my package yet?

At November 22, 2005 5:12 a.m. , Blogger Shells Bells said...

Glad to hear that things are looking up in your classes. I completely understand you dilemas. My school likes to give me all the children who have some sort of learning disability. I just got a new kid in my very best class who has A.D.D. he bounces off the walls non stop and I'm worried it will affect the dynamic I've worked hard to achieve in the class. You're right though I remind myself of the pay cheque and I keep on truckin!

- sorry about bailing on Saturday..I have been so sick the past month it worries me. Tommorow I have an appointment with a specialist at the hospital so hopefully he'll give me some strong meds and all will be resolved. I really do miss you guys and hopefully I can see you soon!!!!!

At November 22, 2005 6:50 a.m. , Blogger Jessica said...

Hey Shelly, I hope you get everything sorted out. Being sick here sucks. Darce was diagnosed with acute laryngitis, acute tonsilitis, and a sinus infection all in one doctor's visit!!! Everyone's dropping like flies. Or should I say, fries. Hope to see you soon.

At November 23, 2005 8:13 a.m. , Blogger Shells Bells said...

Looks like D'arcy and I have the same deal...I have tonsilits and sinusitis fun times.

At November 24, 2005 8:53 a.m. , Blogger Jessica said...

Oh no, Shelly!! Get well soon!


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