Saturday, June 24, 2006

I left my heart in Itaewon

The sun rises at 5am these days in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. I don't like that I know this, and know this for two days running. But I had a great time last night so I suppose I can't complain about a total of eight hours of sleep over two nights.

Last night we went to Itaewon for what was to be a quiet-ish night of dinner and perhaps a few drinks. Instead we went from bar to bar meeting different characters and dancing and singing and drinking the night away. It was a very nice cap to a year where dancing, singing, and drinking were priority during some particularly bleak months (okay, from July until January).

I think my hair was a smashing success.

I do-see-doed with this sweet Tennessee army gentleman named Tom at the Grand Ol' Oprey.

I fended off Brazilian Fabio (who is in Korea playing soccer with his Brazilian soccer teammates) despite his aggressive tactics which included neck licking.

I tried playing my "the next guy/girl to walk into this bar is your boy/girlfriend" with this Interior Desiger/MA in financing to be Korean guy whose name I forgot as soon as I heard it. He didn't really care for the game, but I did.

But the hardest of all to shake was this crazy beautiful Canadian girl who just wouldn't get her hands off me! I liked it, too. (Contrary to popular belief D'Arcy and I have not become lovers this year - though I may have promised to be her life partner last night but who can remember these things.)


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