Saturday, June 24, 2006

Bubble, bubble

Well, the bad news is that Korea is out of World Cup. Poor Korea. Korea is sad today. A bunch of us stayed up all night to watch the four o'clock am game against Switzerland only to have all of our hopes and dreams crushed because our team sucked. So much for "do it again 2006". Let's do it again in 2010 instead. I will always cheer for Korea! Taehanminguk!!!

The neither good nor bad news is I spent my last Saturday in Korea at the hair salon getting my magic straight perm retouched. I was going to cut off my hair but the hair dresser told me my hair is like silk and looks so nice long so I figured what the hell. I'll cut it all off some other time when I'm going through an awkward regrowth period anyway. Might as well.

The good news is that I have all my plane tickets booked for my parents and myself, even my ticket home. And the big day of return is... Sunday August 20th! I hope I'm not cutting it too close to school starting and whatever but while I'm over here I figure I should stick around a bit. You only live once.

I'm flying out of Bangkok on the 20th and have three hours to say goodbye to my temporary home (the interior of Incheon airport) before jumping on a direct flight to Toronto. I leave at 7:35pm on the 20th and arrive ten minutes later - 7:45pm on the 20th. So much for watching some good movies... I'm getting back my day!!!

I've been having problems falling asleep lately because of all the things that are occupying my thoughts. With the end of an era (where has the time gone??), my parents' visit (in two sleeps!), my upcoming travels (for which D'Arcy and I have very little planned), and the next year of school (I have no idea what I'll be doing), I don't even know where to focus my mind and I'm left a sleepless fool who can only just repeat over and over "where has the time gone?"

I will be gone from Korea in one week.


At June 25, 2006 6:16 a.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

r u leaving for good?

At June 25, 2006 7:41 a.m. , Blogger Jessica said...

Yes, yes I am.


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